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Hinterpest: a story of wildflowers, buttonweeds and cattle skulls


Part of "The Beast with a Million Heads" audio collection


Written and performed by Mumbles


Release date: April 8, 2016


"Hinterpest is a charming, alluring oddity...moving methodically through the year, the artist traces a theme of man v. nature, with a hidden, foreboding backdrop." - Richard Allen, A closer listen


"A curious creation...feels like a wonderful experimental radio play..." - Norman Records


Written as a soundtrack, complete with a detailed synopsis and a partial script, Hinterpest: plays out over the course of one year, starting with spring and ending in winter. One year, both literally and figuratively as said year also represents the life-cycle of man.


Hinterpest: was put together without the use of samples or field-recordings.


Available formats:

Chrome cassette tape - 7 EURO

Digital download - 5 EURO


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"The Beast With a Million Heads" is an ongoing series of auditory excursions written and performed by Mumbles. The series incompasses works ranging from English and American folk, soundtracks to Foley art.


Available and upcoming parts:


Hinterpest: a story of wildflowers, buttonweeds and cattle skulls / LDG001, April 8, 2016

Aurum: a story of... / LDG003, TBA

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