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Father, dogs and demons: a collection of short songs for the benefit of mankind


"An auditory adventure 'cross plains and memory."


Sounds, words and music written and performed by Mumbles.


Release date: October 17, 2017


"Father… is a bucket of memories; loss, confusion, childhood night terrors – but also the telling of a journey; across fields of wildflowers framed by black locust; through bleak desert landscapes beneath dry limestone cliffs; from childhood to a somewhat grown up, and hopefully more perceptive, state of being."


Father, Dogs and Demons… is a compilation of 17 interwoven songs and auditory excursions written and recorded by Mumbles during a period of five years.

The album is the first official release by Mumbles focusing on lyrics over Foley-art and instrumental music.


Father… was put together without the use of samples or field-recordings – instead Mumbles uses a microphone and whatever is at his disposal to create the world inside which the story plays out.


Available formats:

Chrome cassette tape, numbered limited edition - 9 EURO

Digital download - 7 EURO


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