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October 17, 2017



Father, dogs and demons: a collection of short songs for the benefit of mankind is now available on numbered, limited edition chrome cassette tape and as digital download.

The album is the first official release by Mumbles focusing on lyrics over Foley-art and instrumental music.


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The album was released together with three accompanying videos:



August 9, 2017


We're looking at a late August/early September release for Father, dogs and demons.


There will unfortunately not be a vinyl release at this time, but a small, limited edition tape - as well as digital of course.



June 30, 2017


There is no offical release date set for Father, Dogs and Demons at this time. At the moment we're looking at different options - including a short run double vinyl release, however this venture is not sure to pan out.

We're a small operation and our funds are limited.


If you enjoy the songs and videos released so far please feel free to share them around and we'll do our best to keep you updated on the progress of the release of Father, Dogs and demons.


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